Websites and Web Applications

Online business is more than just a website


In addition to explaining and marketing your business, the chief purpose of an ecommerce website is to conduct transactions—the sales of goods or services online. Successful ecommerce sites are both informational and transactional, but not necessarily required to be so.

The setup of ecommerce websites brings additional requirements and technologies into the mix; shopping cart modules and interfaces, online merchant card agreements, payment gateways with your bank, SSL certificates for secure website communications, analytics and more.


Your standard business website. Often considered as informational or as a brochure type presentation, the main purpose may be to explain and market your business as well as connect with potential customers on a basic interactive level, such as with email and contact forms. Excellent for growing businesses that are just discovering their identity online.

Beyond promotion is also the ambition of educating an audience. It need not be a commercial or political endeavor, but certainly can be. In fact, businesses and political interest groups are learning that offering education, not just information is a greater success at achieving their goals. 

Getting you and your business online.

There's more to online business than just the website. We have a variety of tools in the shed. 

Mobile ApplicationsWebsites and Web Apps/

Many businesses and business websites are readily complimented by the addition of either a device based mobile app, a Web based mobile app or a combination of both in order to reach, to connect with and to conduct business with their customer base. The purpose of apps today is unlimited but the core desire for implementing one is all about the communication goal; some apps are informational, some transactional, some purely for entertainment. Deciding the right combination of these goals is a significant part of determining how best to implement a mobile app for your business. 

Responsive Mobile Websites and Web Apps/

Every website should be functional on both desktop and mobile platforms. Smart website design gives weighted consideration to the multiple platform capabilities and carrier network speeds. And specific markup and scripting languages have distinct advantages over others when it comes to delivering mobile content efficiently and accurately. As for the site features and content presented, mobile sites are often narrowly constrained to deliver only what compliments the viewers limited device processors, their screen areas and their inherently mobile on-the-go dispositions. Do not expect your mobile version of your site to mirror full website, mobile users today won't tolerate it.

Microsites & Events

Microsites are typically slimmed down single purpose versions of standard websites that seek to accomplish one specific goal. Often tied into a promotional campaign or limited time event or offer, a microsite is intentionally simple in nature to achieve rapid implementation, low cost and above all, focus on the topic at hand. Microsites can be static, dynamic, display, transactional or a combination of all of the above. With their ease of delivery and lower expense, they are popular in providing focused marketing efforts to a multitude of distinct demographic targets.

Business Blogs

Blogs, once thought of as the entry-levl method for personal expression are now becoming a staple as a business communication tool. Businesses are realizing a blog's ease of use when it comes to topical updates along with it's conveying a sense of immediacy and direct communication with their customer base. Read: connection. A proper business blog should be fully intergrated within the domain of the bsuiness website, visitors should not have to leave your website to visit your blog. And a blog should be updated regularly—keep your audience engaged.