Search Engine Optimization

Getting found online

Today's most popular search engines include such giants as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask, among others. Together these four companies account for over 94% of all Web searches. And each one serves their visitors results based upon specific proprietary algorithms mixed with their own sense of what rules should dictate keyword to website search relevance.

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What does this mean for the website owner who is seeking to be found in these search engines?

Answer: Know their rules, and follow them.

If your site is properly optimized, you will save money while achieving better search engine results. You'll spend less on paid placement online and on other marketing and your site will be more readily found by those who are seeking you through the Web's most popular search engines. Optimization is a smart and necessary tool for the greatest overall business success.

The art of optimization

Search Engine Optimization/

SEO Optimization is the practice of understanding and implementing specific development techniques on your website. It takes a knowledge of numerous guidelines in coding and content along with best practices for design and architecture. Quality of subject matter as well as its relevance to your business purpose also come into play. And types of search behavior are no less important.

We consider how search engines work in relation to how websites work. In doing so, we can help your website achieve greater search engine success.

Quality unpaid natural rankings

Enhance your website's unpaid, organic ranking.

Websites created with certain coding, architecture and content techniques will succeed better naturally in search engine rankings. Search engines are constantly crawling and indexing websites the world over for the mutually beneficial purpose of creating an accurate database of what can be found on the Internet. The placement of any website into their scheme is based upon what they find within and underneath our pages. Key to their indexing us to our greatest benefit is our understanding of what they are looking for, providing it and then letting them find it.

The guidelines that can be implemented are many. Achieving any one often requires utilizing any number of coding options and working with a variety of analytical tools. And it takes an adept knowledge of the exact techniques and acceptable industry practices to achieve the best results for your website's exact style and content.

In the hands of skilled practitioners, the areas for improvement in your website can be found. Optimizations can be achieved. Your rankings can be improved.

Paid rankings & advertising

Ranking high in search engines is not just about organic keyword success. Speaking more to the topic of promoting your site, higher rankings can be achieved through paid placement is search engine results.

Site optimization matters for online promotion as well. Ads win placement and bidding advantages in search results when your site matches your advertising to the greatest degree. This is not only an effort of crafting the best possible ad, it is also a reflection of how your site represents the promoted product or service.

Paid placement is not defeating the system of natural rankings. It is complimenting it by offering the seeker additional results that are recognized as advertising, and are often more relevant to their search effort. Viewers know this. And you as a website promoter are paying for the benefit of ad placement before the eyes of your more well defined target audience.

Natural and paid rankings work together to increase your site traffic and conversions.